Building regulation applications

“… technical rather than artistic knowledge …”

Not all works need planning consent but most require building regulations approval, and consider things like structural safety, heat retention, moisture resistance, fire safety and public health. These regulations change frequently,usually bring additional cost to the building process, and it would be madness not to have this in mind when designing.

Most often we produce these drawings for projects which we have designed from the outset, but we are also quite happy to do this for a scheme which already has a planning consent which has been gained by others. To produce this type of drawing requires technical rather than artistic knowledge, and many architects practices produce these to a very poor standard and using an architectural practice who are known and respected by the building inspectors really does make life easier.

The image above is an extract from a building regulation and working drawing. If you have looked on the planning applications page you will have seen how the same floor plan was presented as part of a planning application and noticed how they differ.  Mention us to any local Building Inspector and you will get a really good reaction!