Planning applications

“… pretty pictures to show the Council …”

Once you know what you would like to get permission for, then a planning application is the next step as, without it, in most cases you simply won’t be building. Not all works on houses require planning approval and those that don’t are called permitted development and clicking the blue text above will let you hunt around the Government website and see what seems not to require permission.

Planning drawings tend to be pretty pictures to show the Council how wonderful the ideas are and how well they will fit with the policies. The image below  is a typical extract from one of our planning drawings, and if you look on the building regulation application page you will see how it is redrawn later with more detail to meet a different purpose.

We know all of the local Council’s well and we are an accredited member of the FastTrack scheme operated by Waverley Borough Council.¬† The result is that we have a good record of gaining consents so can generally give clients a pretty good idea of what may gain a consent at an early stage.